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The Advantages of Teeth Whitening Under Dental Supervision

Brushing regularly can help a great deal to keep teeth white, but the normal aging process and regular consumption of certain beverages can gradually lead to some amount of yellowing. Red wine, coffee and black tea are examples of drinks that can stain teeth over time. Professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic rejuvenates a person’s smile and boosts self-confidence. Anyone interested in this process may visit a website like for more details. A general appointment for routine cleaning and a dental exam must be arranged before whitening if this has not been done in a while.

Different dentists offer varying types of service for whitening. A common practice is to provide two in-clinic whitening treatments for the patient and then have the patient continue the process at home with a customized tray that fits on the teeth. Over-the-counter trays are available, but they are not designed as one-size-fits-all instead of being personalized for each individual. The person typically does the in-home process for two more weeks after the sessions at the clinic.

Whitening products purchased in stores also have lower percentages of the active ingredients than is true of the prescription versions that should only be used under professional supervision. Manufacturers providing whiteners to be sold in grocery and discount stores must minimize the effectiveness to prevent undesirable consequences. High concentrations of the active ingredient can cause teeth sensitivity and discomfort, and also can irritate the gums. Dentists and hygienists are on the alert for signs that the whitener should be removed, whereas the person using an at-home version may feel compelled to leave the product on the teeth as long as directed in the instructions.

A gel can be purchased that is used to maintain the results. In addition, maintenance trays to be worn during sleep on occasion may be recommended by a dentist with a clinic such as Aloma Dental Center. Depending on the person and his or her habits, the trays might be worn anywhere from four to 26 times per year. Someone who drinks red wine frequently, for instance, will benefit from wearing the trays more often.