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Facts About Buying Cannabis Edibles From Canada

The legalization of marijuana could have political and economic effects of every country considering it. In Canada, the possession, cultivation or sale of cannabis is considered illegal, except in the case of special permission from the government. Millions of consumers are willing to spend a great deal of money and take considerable risks to satisfy their desire to consume marijuana or to invest their money in order to sell it to those who want it. Buying or selling weed could have important judicial consequences for an individual being caught. Even though Canada was the first country to say that the prohibition of marijuana was infringing on a person’s constitutional rights, it has yet to fully legalize cannabis edibles or any other form of pot.

Despite strict laws that apply equally to producers, sellers, and consumers of marijuana, despite the high number of kilos seized by law enforcement every year, the cultivation of weed and its consumption do not diminish. Nearly half of Canadians will have used marijuana at least once in their lives, according to Health Canada’s 2015 data. This figure is almost identical to that obtained in 2005. Clearly, the prohibitive approach has long shown its inefficiency in economic and legal terms.

Why then not legalize this product and allow the creation of a legal market for marijuana in the country, as many legislators promised and reconfirmed? There would be a number of economic benefits if the government were to legalize marijuana. In Colorado, where its trade has been legal since 2014, taxation of this substance generates revenues in excess of $100 million per month. If the legal context was the same in Canada, which has nearly seven times the population of Colorado, the state could theoretically have obtained revenues of $871 million for the current year.

In the state of Washington, where there is a private market since 2012, nearly 700 new businesses have opened their doors and will offer customers brownies, chocolate and… soft drinks with marijuana inside them! Legalizing marijuana would allow the development of a new economic and entrepreneurial sector. Rather than spending huge sums of money to prevent people from doing something they will often do anyway, Canada could let an economic sector emerge that would create wealth rather than squander it and let it go up in smoke.