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All about Green Tea Pills

First, green tea pills contain an extract of the green plant leaf, and are sold in the pill form as capsules (most popular) and as tablets. The extract is derived from the un-oxidized green leaf and has a high concentration of polyphenols, especially EGCG, tea’s most powerful antioxidant and anti-microbial ingredient. No matter which way you choose to consume the polyphenols, you will always be treating your body to the health benefits of green tea.

The pills are typically marketed to boost energy or as a weight loss product.

The extract can be an added ingredient in weight loss products that also contain ephedrine or synephrine, which have long lists of risks and adverse effects. The leaf extract is also marketed by itself as a weight loss product, as a pure extract in capsule form. Capsules usually contain 250-500 mg of extract, which usually consists of 50-90 percent EGCG. Look for closer to 90 percent purity to get a higher quality product with more polyphenols per mg of extract.

To induce weight loss, the polyphenols increase the body’s metabolism, without increasing heart rate. The EGCG helps the body to burn fat and the caffeine present aids by releasing fatty acids to the blood stream. EGCG also has diuretic properties, so make sure you drink plenty of water when taking these pills. Of course, consult your doctor before starting a diet or weight loss program. I find that the weight loss is not fast, and needs to be combined with regular exercise and a healthful diet. Weight loss does occur, but the process is sort of like eating a whale, one bite at a time.

Green tea pills are marketed for energy boost, increased metabolism, and a multitude of other health benefits. People taking them seem to only talk about having more energy. The other benefits may be masked, especially at first due to the detoxification of the body. The important disease fighting properties may not be noticed for decades, and then sometimes only by the absence of diseases.

Be sure to take green tea pills with meals and not on an empty stomach. Plan on extra water consumption and more frequent trips to the bathroom. Insomnia is probably the one side effect, so don’t take the pills in the evening before going to bed.

Many people indicate that the patches don’t work, and the powder is messy to dissolve. And do you really want to count out 50 drops of liquid supplement? Brewing the tea takes specific steeping time, specific water temperature, and good quality green tea or it could taste grassy.

One cup of green tea has 25 mg of caffeine, where a popular capsule contains 4 mg of caffeine. So, if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, consider taking green tea pills.

Now for my suggestion. You can find a lot of supplements that are fantastic for better health and disease prevention, but how many different capsules do you want to take a day? Have you ever had a cupboard full of supplement bottles with varying expiration dates, varying “best times” to take them, or have you lost interest in one’s results with half a bottle left? I think the easiest and best way to maintain good health is to take one quality complete nutritional supplement containing most of the beneficial ingredients recommended, in the appropriate quantities. And, any road to good health should travel the route of regular exercise and eating a healthful diet.

Now it’s time to start putting this knowledge about green tea pills and the health benefits of green tea to work for you. Consider your lifestyle, health goals, and diet, and decide how you would prefer to consume this extract.