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Acai Berry Pills

If you are getting Acai extract, you are getting scammed. No other ingredient is effective besides the 100% genuine Acai. You must be willing to purchase only those that contain 100% freeze dried berries to benefit from the results that these berries can achieve. Although they may have come from genuine berries, extracts are just too weak to achieve any effect in weight loss or improvement in health.

Any filler and additive used are unnecessary. These ingredients are merely additional compounds that may even prove harmful to your health. Acai pills are very potent supplements as it is and it produces no side effects.

Free Supplements
Acai berries are very expensive to plant, grow and harvest. Each grower must also adhere to strict protocols during the entire planting, growing and harvesting process. No pesticides or fertilizers should be used if these berries are to be manufactured into supplements, juices or as food.

Free supplements that come with purchasing other products are acceptable. But if it is offered completely free, it just sounds too suspicious to be true. It is a business after all and companies would expect something in return for the free product. With free supplements, you may just be getting a substandard product given for free to test whether it is effective. In this case, you are merely made a guinea pig to tell whether the product is effective and safe. If it turns out the supplement puts you at risk, the company will not be held liable because you willingly took the pill for free without any guarantee.

Genuine Acai Supplements with Minuscule Berry Concentrations
You should be expecting optimum weight loss because you finally found a product that contains genuine 100% Acai with no fillers or additives. But did you check the concentration per serving? Genuine Acai supplements are only effective when used in high enough amounts to yield results. Because of the costly expenses of growing and manufacturing berries into supplements, many companies are using minute concentrations of berries per serving. Although it is a genuine product, it still won’t be effective enough for weight loss and other health benefits.

If you want the most effective Acai supplement in the market, you should try taking Pure Acai Berry Max. This supplement if filled only with 100% organic, freeze dried and unaltered berries. Each serving is a whooping 1,500 mg so you lose an average of 1-5 pounds a week! It uses no filler or additives so you get to experience all the amazing benefits without a single side effect. The company behind Pure Acai Berry Max does not offer any free trials but it does offer numerous bonuses and discounts to make the product more cost effective. Rarely can you find a Pure Acai Berry Max review that is negative. Rarely can you also find an Acai supplement that can achieve results as quickly as Pure Acai Berry Max can.